The original set of survey questions:

  1. Can the articles be archived?
  2. Does this Reader support ATOM?
  3. Is the AUTODISCOVERY build in?
  4. Does this Reader support GROUPS?
  5. Is there possibility to blog from this application?
  6. Are the comments viewable?
  7. Is it possible to EXPORT to HTML, PDF or other files?
  8. Are there pre-configured RSS feeds?
  9. Possible to FILTER the content?
  10. Is the programation of HOTKEYS possible?
  11. Is there HTTP compression technologie?
  12. Can you choose the External Browser(ex. FireFox, Internet Explorer)?
  13. Is there an internal RSS validator?
  14. Can the layout be changed (Color, Fonts, ...)?
  15. Can the content be send by mail from within the Reader?
  16. Are there more languages available (especially the DUTCH language)?
  17. Does a notification exists when retrieving new content?
  18. Can the content be read offline?
  19. Can OPML files be exported and Imported?
  20. Does the possibility to configure a Proxy Server exist?
  21. Can the content be marked as Read and Unread?
  22. Can the retrieval of content be sheduled (by group,...)?
  23. Can the application be minimalized in the system tray?
  24. Does the application support Drag & Drop for the RSS URL?
  25. Are Webtabs supported for multiple windows?
  26. Is there a buildin link to a searchportal to find Rss feeds?