Birthday reviews

Every year, we take a bit of time out to look back over the previous 12 months and check out how Awasu has grown over that time.

Adding new features and improving old ones, optimizations and enhancements, Awasu has been getting better and better which each passing year, with no end in sight. Just compare how Awasu looks now to when it took its first shaky steps into the world with the 0.1 release at the start of 2003, you can see just how far we've come!

Start at the beginning with the 0.1 release or just use the index on the right.

The eighth year
The sixth year
The fifth year
The fourth year
The third year
The second year
The first year
Awasu 0.1 (Oct 2002)
Awasu 0.3 (Nov 2002)
Awasu 0.4 (Nov 2002)
Awasu 0.5 (Dec 2002)
Awasu 0.7 (Jan 2003)
Awasu 1.0 (Feb 2003)
Awasu 1.0.2 (Mar 2003)
Awasu 1.0.3 (Apr 2003)
Awasu 1.1 (Jul 2003)
Awasu 1.1.2 (Sep 2003)
Awasu 1.1.3 (Sep 2003)
Awasu 1.1.4 (Nov 2003)
Awasu 1.2 (Jan 2004)