Awasu's most powerful feature is its customizability, and there are many ways to change both the way Awasu works and looks.

Channel templates Change how your channels look.
Plugin channels Get information from any source (not just RSS feeds).
Channel reports Export information out of Awasu.
Channel hooks Perform custom actions as Awasu operates.
User tools Add custom functionality to Awasu.
XSLT/SOAP Transform the data as it comes into Awasu.
Metadata modules Extract additional information from data as it comes into Awasu.
Channel templates
Plugin channels
Channel reports
Channel hooks
User tools
Metadata modules

Awasu provides native support for using XSLT and SOAP to manipulate feed XML. This makes it incredibly easy to query web services and other XML-based services and convert the results into a feed that Awasu can use.

These are the XSLT/SOAP files available for free download.

Reverse Feed Reverses the order of feed items within a feed.
Fix GUID isPermalink Fixes incorrectly set isPermalink attributes in RSS feeds.
URL Rewriting Change feed item URL's.
GeoRSS-Simple to W3C Basic Geo XSLT Converts GeoRSS-Simple elements to W3C Basic Geo and elements.
Automatic Feed Translation Automatically translate feed content.