Awasu's most powerful feature is its customizability, and there are many ways to change both the way Awasu works and looks.

Channel templates Change how your channels look.
Plugin channels Get information from any source (not just RSS feeds).
Channel reports Export information out of Awasu.
Channel hooks Perform custom actions as Awasu operates.
User tools Add custom functionality to Awasu.
XSLT/SOAP Transform the data as it comes into Awasu.
Metadata modules Extract additional information from data as it comes into Awasu.
Channel templates
Plugin channels
Channel reports
Channel hooks
User tools
Metadata modules

Plugin channels let Awasu extract information from anywhere at all, not just a web site with a feed. They can be written in any language you like and can be as short as a dozen lines! Check out the Samples sub-directory under where you installed Awasu for some examples.

Below are user-contributed plugin channels available for free download.

WebScrape Scrapes a web page using regular expressions to generate a feed.
URL Monitor Monitors one or more web pages and notifies you when they have changed.
OPML Monitor Monitors an OPML file and notifies you when it has changed.
NNTP Generates a feed from NNTP news groups.
Combine Feeds Combines multiple feeds into a single feed.
XML Cleaner Runs a feed through uTidyLib to correct errors in the RSS/Atom data.
Remove Junk After Document Element Removes trailing junk from an XML feed.
BBCode to HTML Strips the BBCode out of a feed and converts it to HTML.
Filter Feed Items Filters a feed's items by keyword (or regular expression).
Event Log Monitors the Windows Event Log and generates an RSS feed for it.
Change Feed Encoding Changes a feed's encoding to UTF-8.
Code Project Soapbox Generates a feed for The Code Project's Soapbox.