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The Awasu main window Awasu is a state-of-the-art feed reader that comes loaded with features for both casual personal use and professional, high-powered information management.

Find out more below or check out Awasu's unique end-to-end information management features that give you complete control over your information as it moves around the Internet.

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But if you want a tool for monitoring information from any source, something that will let you intelligently manage the information flow, that offers powerful features not available in any other feed reader, then Awasu is your only choice.

Awasu's plugin architecture lets you extract information from any data source and monitor it in the same way as a regular feed. Advanced XML features let you also easily integrate with web services and other XML data sources.

And you're not restricted to processing just RSS/Atom data, Awasu can get at any information embedded in your feeds. Whether it be the increasingly popular microformats or your own proprietary XML metadata, Awasu can extract it, present it to the user and do further processing on it.

Awasu also lets you hook into the flow of information to perform your own custom actions as it is processed. You can monitor the information, analyze it and then respond to it. No longer are you restricted to using a passive tool like a web browser. Awasu lets you actively manage your information in the way you want to and leverage it for your benefit.

Awasu is the only feed reader that offers a powerful and comprehensive end-to-end management of transporting and processing your information.

Awasu's API also gives you full control over Awasu's most powerful features, allowing create/read/update/delete of channels, reports and workpads. This lets you programmatically manage these as your requirements change, turning Awasu into a powerful engine for monitoring the incoming stream of information and reporting on it. Access to Awasu's search engine and archive database is also provided.

If you as yet have not had the singular pleasure of dealing with the Awasu people, know that you can expect their support to be every bit as excellent as their product.
I love using Awasu ... It's the best rss aggregator that I have found.
Awasu is at least head and shoulders above all the other news readers out there, which is why I won't recommend any of the others. They just don't come close.
Awasu stands out a mile as being truly well designed.
Awasu Personal Edition is an extremely feature-rich RSS feed reader. 4 stars out of 5.