Channel reports

Channel reports allow information to be extracted from Awasu and exported in any format [1].

Content can be taken directly from your channels (selected either via a channel filter or channel folders) or you can collect stories of interest in a workpad, edit them, add your own comments and then export everything to a report.

Once a report has been generated, further custom processing can be done on it (e.g. conversion to a PDF, merging with other reports), and it can be emailed out or uploaded to a web site.


Managing your reports

Organize channel reports Open the Channel Reports dialog from the View main menu.

To create a new channel report, click on the green plus icon to start the Channel Report Wizard that will guide you through the process [2].

For quick access, hotkeys can be assigned to channel reports:

Your reports will also appear in the Tasks Pane for quick access.

You can quickly create a report for a folder by right-clicking on it in the My Channels window and choosing New channel report (in the Folders sub-menu).