Channel filters

Channel filters let you manage your channels in a much more sophisticated way than the traditional method of putting them into folders and sub-folders.


A filter is simply a set of conditions that a channel must meet for it to appear in My Channels [1]. In other words, you can control which channels are shown at any given time.

The power comes from the available criteria and how they can be combined. For example, you can configure Awasu to show only:

My Channels is constantly kept up-to-date and so channels will be added and removed as things happen in Awasu e.g. channels are updated or new items received.

Managing your channel filters

The Organize Channel Filters dialog Open the Channel Filters dialog from the View main menu.

To create a new channel filter, click the green plus icon to start the Channel Filter Wizard that will guide you through the process. [2]

For quick access, hotkeys can be assigned to channel filters:

You can quickly create a filter for a folder by right-clicking on it in the My Channels window and choosing New channel filter (in the Folders sub-menu).

Configuring a channel filterConfiguring channel filters

There are three main criteria used to filter channels.

Bullet By choosing an option from the Filter by droplist, you can include only those channels that have new content or unread items.

Bullet You can also include channels only if they live in one or more of the specified channel folders.

Bullet Channels can also be filtered if they have certain words in their feed URL, channel name or description [3].

If you specify more than one of these criteria, channels must meet all of them to be included in My Channels.

Some examples

Here are some examples of how channel filters can be used:

The power of this method of organizing channels becomes apparent when you have many channel folders and filters that use them.

Example channel folders For example, let's say you are a musician with an interest in technology so you create a bunch of folders (see screenshot) and arrange your channels in them accordingly.

Channels can be put into more than one folder, so a feed advertising rock gigs would be assigned to Music, Rock and Gig listings, a feed about the latest synthesizers would be in News, Technology and Music while something like would be in News and Technology.

Now you can create filters to show channels that meet the following criteria: