Search operations

Submits a query to Awasu's search engine.
If you submit a blank search request in HTML format (i.e. $/search/query?f=html), you will get a web page that will allow search queries to be submitted.
query (q)Query string.
advsynFlags if the query string is using advanced syntax.
ageHow old search results may be (days).
locations (l)Comma-separated list of where to search (url|title|content).
maxMaximum number of results to return.
minScore (ms)Minimum score for search results (0-100).
page (p)Page number (1-based) to return (if results are being paginated).
pageSize (ps)Number of results to show per page.
feedItemDescriptionFormat (fidf)Controls the presentation of feed item content (default|full|excerpt|plainText).
The standard parameters recognized by all Awasu API calls are listed here.