Safe feed content

Awasu goes to great lengths to ensure that your feed content is safe by removing potentially dangerous HTML before showing it to you.

This process is completely transparent and the only time you are likely to notice it is when feed publishers embed things like YouTube videos [1] in their feeds using the <object> or <embed> HTML tags. Because these tags can be used to transmit malicious content into your computer, Awasu removes them and you will not see them in the channel summary pages.


Configuring safe feed content While it is not recommended, Awasu can be configured to allow certain HTML tags or attributes through, both globally and for individual channels.

Simply enter the names of the tags and attributes [2] you want to allow.


IE security bar If you are using Windows XP SP2 or later, Awasu also hooks into Internet Explorer's security features, in particular the popup blocker and the security bar that appears at the top of a browser window when something in the page has been blocked.