Starting the Channel Wizard

There are many different ways to start the Channel Wizard that will guide you through the process of creating a new channel:


Starting the Channel Wizard There are several different types of channel that can be created, depending on where the channel's feed will be retrieved from.

However, most channels will be downloaded from the Internet and you should enter the feed's URL here (which should start with http:// or https:// and usually ends with .rss, .xml or .rdf).


Click on Next to start configuring the new channel, or Create now to create the new channel with default settings.


Feed services

Feed services Feed services are a special feature of Awasu that make it easy to subscribe to feeds coming from the most popular web sites [2].

Choose the service you are interested in, fill out the details and Awasu will automatically figure out how to subscribe.

Even better, if the web site changes the way their feeds work and breaks your channels, Awasu will be able to fix things and get them going again.


New channel defaults

New channel defaults

Clicking on the Defaults button lets you configure default settings for new channels.

New channels can be configured to expire after a specified amount of time [3], after which Awasu will ask you want you want to do with them. They can also be automatically placed in one or more folders of your choice.