Plugins are small programs that are used to extend Awasu's functionality. There are two types of plugin:


Channel plugins

Channel plugins can be used to retrieve information from anywhere at all, whether it be a web site, your corporate databases or even a running program. They are simply small programs that Awasu runs to retrieve the relevant information and convert it to a feed that can be read by Awasu.

Here are a few examples of what plugins can do:


Application plugins

Application plugins extend the functionality of Awasu itself by adding new features. Just open the Plugins tab in the Control Center to see what's available.

The list of plugins installed as standard can be found here and you can also write your own.



The extensibility of Awasu is its most powerful feature.

No longer are you limited to feeds provided by somebody else. If you have information that you want to monitor, simply write a channel plugin to extract it and convert it to a feed that can be read by Awasu. Nor are you limited to the features we provide in Awasu. If you want to extend it to do more things, just write an application plugin!

It only takes a minimal amount of programming experience to write a plugin and all the information you need can be found in the Developers section. Or if you're working with web services, it's even easier! Just use SOAP to query the web service and XSLT to transform the results into a feed.

And if you write something that you feel would be of use to others, please send it in and we'll put it up on the web site. Or you can contact us and we'll write it for you!


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