Innovative RSS

The Awasu main window If you're looking for something to read your favorite blogs and news channels with, Awasu is far and away one of your best choices. It comes with:

You can also do more advanced things like:

Take the tour or check out the feature list for more details.

And best of all? It's free!


Powerful RSS

But if you want a tool for monitoring information from any source, something that will let you intelligently manage the information flow, that offers powerful features not available in any other feed reader, then Awasu is your only choice.

Awasu's plugin architecture lets you extract information from any data source and monitor it in the same way as a regular feed. Want to keep track of stock levels in your warehouse's inventory database? Awasu comes with a sample Java program that lets you monitor a database. Got a web service that you want to query? It's easy to use Awasu's advanced XML features to send it a specialized request and feed the results back into Awasu. You can keep an eye on the current weather in New York, the latest sales data from your London office or which band is playing at your favorite club this weekend. You are limited only by your imagination!

Awasu also lets you hook into the flow of information to perform your own custom actions as it is processed. You can monitor the information, analyze it and then respond to it. No longer are you restricted to using a passive tool like a web browser. Awasu lets you actively manage your information in the way you want to and leverage it for your benefit.


Your RSS

There's no doubt that RSS is becoming universally popular and everyone from Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google are offering feeds. Maybe you are offering RSS feeds yourself!

Instead of letting your customers struggle to decide which feed reader to install and how, only to then be faced with figuring out how to subscribe to your feeds, make it easy for them and provide a branded version of Awasu. All they have to do is download and run the installer and they'll be immediately set up with your customized feed reader, with your feeds already in place and updating.

It really couldn't be any easier!