Keyboard Interface

Awasu has been designed to let you browse as quickly as possible from the keyboard.

Here are some of the default keyboard commands. You can always change them from the Keyboard page of the Customize dialog.

  F4 Shows the My Channels window.
  F10 Opens the next channel from My Channels.
  Ctrl-O Opens the currently-selected channel or plugin.
  Ctrl-U Gets the latest feed for the current channel.
  Ctrl-N Starts the Channel Wizard.
  F9 Shows the current channel's summary page.
  F7 Shows or hides the item pane.
  Ctrl-F7 Resizes the item pane.
  F8 Opens the next feed item.
  Shift-F8 Opens the previous feed item.
  Ctrl-Alt-A Shows all feed items for the channel.
  Ctrl-Alt-U Shows only unread feed items for the channel.
  Ctrl-Alt-N Shows only new feed items for the channel.
  Ctrl-Alt-L Shows complete feed items for the channel.
  Ctrl-Alt-E Shows extracts of each feed item for the channel.
  Ctrl-Alt-P Shows each feed item as plain-text for the channel.
  Ctrl-F9 Shows or hides the navbar.
  F6 Switches focus between panes.
  Ctrl-F4 Closes the current window.
  Ctrl-W Adds a feed item to the default workpad.
  Ctrl-Shift-W Adds a URL to the default workpad from the clipboard.
  Ctrl-L Shows the Channel Filters dialog.
  F11 Switches in and out of full-screen mode.
  F1 Shows the online help.


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