Display options

This page contains options that control the display and presentation of Awasu:


Default content presentation

Awasu provides a great deal of control over how feed content is presented. Here you can set the default settings that will be used to control the presentation of each channel. You can choose how far back you want to see feed items from, which template file will be used to set the overall look and feel of the channel summary pages, which feed items will be shown (all of them, only unread ones or only new ones) and how they are presented (all content, a short excerpt or a plain-text version). The Layout parameter specifies where the item pane will appear within the channel windows.

These settings can be overridden individually for each channel in their Channel Properties dialog.


Awasu comes with several channel templates files as standard but feel free to write some of your own! And if you do, send them in and we'll include them on the web site for everyone to download.

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