Channel categories

We have all faced the problem of trying to decide which category something belongs in when organizing our MP3 or photo collections, especially if something could reasonably be placed in more than one category. And the same thing happens with our channels. Does go into News or Technology? Where on earth do I put Boing Boing Blog? In News? Blogs? Miscellaneous? And good luck trying to find something several months later when you've forgotten exactly how you categorized things.

Awasu provides a much more flexible way of categorizing channels, letting you put each channel into more than one category. Open the Program Options dialog from the Tools menu and go to the Search page:

Several categories are predefined for you by default and these are shown in the screenshot above. You can add or remove entries from this list here. Channels can then be added to one or more categories. This can be done either from the Search page of the channel's Properties dialog or to do it even more quickly, right-click on the channel in My Channels and open the Channel categories sub-menu.

The power of assigning channels to categories becomes apparent when you start using channel filters. These allow you to control which channels will appear in the My Channels window. For example, you might want to show only those channels that:

This is discussed in more detail in the section on channel filters.


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