Channel favorites

We all have at least a few channels that we like to read more often than most. By adding them to your list of favorites, you can get quick access to them instead of having to find them in the My Channels window.

Choose Organize favorites from the Favorites menu to bring up the following dialog:

Click on the small icons in the top left-hand corner to add and remove channels from the list. The channels you add here will be listed in the Favorites menu, giving you quick access to them.

For even quicker access, you can assign hotkeys to individual channels. A hotkey is a special combination of keys that, when pressed, will bring up that channel without you even having to go to the Favorites menu. To assign a hotkey to a channel:

For example, the screenshot above shows that pressing Control, Alt and A at the same time will open the Awasu channel while pressing Control-Alt-S will open Security News Portal.


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