Channel auto-discovery

Auto-discovery is a mechanism that allows web site publishers to automatically advertise their feeds to visitors, saving you the trouble of having to manually search their web site to find it.


Auto-discovery is configured from the General page of the Program Options dialog.

If auto-discovery is enabled, any time Awasu opens a web page that is advertising a feed, a blinking icon will be shown in the caption bar or status bar that you can double-click on to start the Channel Wizard. Or if you prefer, you can choose that the Channel Wizard just be started automatically.


Even if the web page is not advertising a feed, Awasu is smart enough to find links on the web page that may be feeds. These are URL's that typically end in .RSS or .RDF or .XML. In these cases, the Channel Wizard will not be started but instead, the dialog below will appear that will let you check each URL to see if they really are feeds or not.

From this dialog, you can verify and subscribe to each possible feed. If you have a fast internet connection, you can also turn on Auto-verify possible feeds which will automatically verify each possible feed when the dialog is opened.

If you choose not to subscribe to a feed, you can also add its URL to an exclusion list that will cause it to be ignored next time you visit the web page.


HINT: If you have a slower machine, you may want to turn auto-discovery off since the process of searching each web page you open for advertised and possible feeds can slow things down a bit. You can always do manual auto-discovery from the Tools menu.