Import channels from OPML

OPML files are used to store lists of channel subscriptions. If you are coming to Awasu after using another RSS reader, you will probably want to transfer your channel subscriptions over. Some people publish their channel subscriptions on their web site or blog as an OPML file and you can use this feature to download this file and subscribe to one or more of those channels.


Loading the OPML file

Open the Import From OPML dialog in the File menu and specify where the OPML file is. It can either be on your PC or somewhere on the net (in which case it will start with "http://"). Then click on the Load button to read the list of channels in the OPML file.


Subscribing to channels

You will then be shown a list of the channels in the OPML file.

Channels that you are already subscribed to are marked with a green tick or you can filter them out from the display by ticking the Show new channels only checkbox.

From this dialog, you can preview and subscribe to channels. Clicking on the Quick subscribe button will bypass the Channel Wizard and create the channel using your default settings.