Finding more channels

The easiest way to start subscribing to channels is to browse through Awasu's channel packs. You can do this by choosing the Channel packs option from the File menu.

Channel packs are sets of channels that have been hand-picked because they contain high-quality, interesting and useful information. Just open a pack and browse through the channels it contains. You can preview each one and subscribe to the ones that you are interested in.


Syndic8 is a directory of channels on the Internet and a plugin is provided with Awasu that lets you search it for feeds.

Choose Plugins from the View menu to show the list of installed plugins and open the Syndic8 plugin. Simply type in what you're looking for and the plugin will search Syndic8 for related channels. Then click on any of the links it returns to start the Channel Wizard.


Finally, if you already use another reader such as FeedReader or Radio Userland, you probably have a few channel subscriptions already. These will be stored in a file with a .OPML extension and you can use the Import from OPML feature to transfer these subscriptions into Awasu.


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