Docking windows

Awasu provides sophisticated features for managing the key informational windows. The following windows can be docked or floated:

This screenshot shows the My Channels window floating. This can be done by double-clicking on the window's titlebar or just dragging it off the main window.

To dock it back onto the main window, double-click on the titlebar again or drag it near the edge of the main window to which you want to dock and you will see the window outline snap in place.


Auto-hide windows

If these windows are docked, they can also be made to automatically hide themselves when not in use. To turn this on, look for the small pushpin in the titlebar and click on it so that pin is pointing to the left (or use the Window|Pin menu item).

The window will now automatically hide itself when it is not being used i.e. when you switch to another window. To show the docking window again, move the mouse over the narrow orange marker tab or choose the appropriate menu item.


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