One of the most powerful features of Awasu is its extensibility. This section describes the standard plugins and other add-ins that are installed by default. You can also download others that have been written by Awasu users from the web site.

If you want to write your own plugins or hooks, you will find the necessary details in the For developers section. There are also many samples installed in the Samples directory. And if you write something that might be useful to somebody else, please send it in and we'll put it up on the web site for others to download.


Application plugins

Application plugins add extra functionality to Awasu itself. Open the Plugins tab in the Control Center to see the plugins that have been installed. The following plugins are installed as standard:


Channel hooks

Channel hooks are small programs that hook into the flow of information as it is processed in Awasu. Open the Hooks page of the Channel Properties dialog to attach them to a channel. The following hooks are installed as standard:


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