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Requested Features; Opera and IE ...

Post by Theresa » Sun Oct 26, 2003 5:02 am

I'm brand brand new to rss feeds, and though I'd like to try out Awasu, I can't, for Opera's my primary browser, and I hate to use IE. I'm going to keep an eye on Awasu because I like what I see :)

I read the forum posts asking about Opera, and wanted to make a suggestion. Opera can be figured to say it's Mozilla or IE, but the identity for Opera is still there ( I spotted this on the Opera forum "When I ID as MSIE, Opera sends this useragent string: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0) Opara 7.21 [en] " used without permission btw).

Can Awasu be written to zero in on that IE user agent string and therefore assume it's IE?

I know, probably a pipe dream, right? I don't claim to think it would be near that easy. When I went to school a little over a decade ago, the worst we had to deal with was Fortran and Cobol, and as far as I knew, we had one browser, and were lucky to get that! :)

Thanks for listening! :)

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Re: Requested Features; Opera and IE ...

Post by support » Sun Oct 26, 2003 5:09 am

Theresa wrote:Can Awasu be written to zero in on that IE user agent string and therefore assume it's IE?

Unfortunately, it's not that simple (is it ever? :roll:)

The user agent string is what a browser uses to identify itself to web servers when requesting a page. For example, when you go to a web page in your browser, it sends the request to the appropriate web server and says "Give me this page and by the way, I'm Opera." The web server can then choose to return a different page for different browsers, perhaps to work around bugs and incompatibilities in the different browsers. Opera lets you change its user agent to stop this kind of thing from happening :-)

To get Awasu to use Opera as its embedded browser, something different is required - a programming interface that allows Awasu to control the browser. Mozilla have made their browser in such a way that it works exactly (well, almost) the same as IE. You can hack Awasu to use Mozilla (check the FAQ for details) but because the Mozilla browser works identically to IE, Awasu is not even aware that anything has been changed. AFAIK, Opera do not provide such a compatibility and so we can't offer Awasu using Opera :-(

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