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What do *Search Channels search?

Post by Booboo » Tue Apr 29, 2008 11:50 pm

What do *Search Channels search?

Apart from the fact that Search Agents output a clunky format that can't be filtered, sorted or 'effectively' added to Work Pads, ....... how do search agents differ from SCs.

Full details please.


*Search channels
Search channels use Awasu's advanced search engine to constantly monitor your feed content for items of interest.

Start the Channel Wizard and indicate that you want the channel feed to be generated from search results.

Enter the search query that you want to use.

Awasu will now create a new channel whose feed is automatically generated from search results. As new things are found by your search query, they will appear as new items in the feed!

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Re: What do *Search Channels search?

Post by support » Wed Apr 30, 2008 4:38 pm

Booboo wrote:how do search agents differ from SCs.

Search agents and search channels are similar. They both use Awasu's search engine to run queries against your archived content.

Search agents are more a user interface thing, using colours and icons to highlight matching items i.e. to draw your attention to them as you browse through your feeds.

Search channels, on the other hand, work exactly the same as any other channel i.e. they can be updated regularly, they appear in My Channels, they can be included in channel reports, etc. So they are more useful for automated functions e.g. they can be run periodically to search for stuff of interest, then a report also periodically run to grab its results and send them somewhere.

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