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Stuart Hunter

Awasu on PDA

Post by Stuart Hunter » Mon Sep 22, 2003 2:42 pm


Yes, I would be interested in helping out if I can with Awasu on a PDA.
I work in Wireless & Mobility services - consequently I have a number
of PDAs available that I could test with - both Pocket PC and Palm, as
well as the Sharp Zaurus.

I currently use an RSS aggregator on my Pocket PC - PocketFeed at and I know of at least
one other, but there isn't much out there for the Palm, though I am
sure a small RSS aggregator could be made to run on the Linux based
Sharp Zaurus.

Anyway if you want screen shots of PocketFeed let me know and I can
send you some.


Stuart Hunter

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Re: Awasu on PDA

Post by support » Mon Sep 22, 2003 2:47 pm


It would be quite difficult to get Awasu to run on a PDA - the environment is just too different from that of a PC. What I was hoping for was to get Awasu to work *together* with a PDA really well. Also, I'm looking for ideas on what sort of features PDA users would like to see.

I'm told that AvantGo ( is far and away the most popular PDA service but also that Awasu together with Plucker ( is much better (since AvantGo is a proprietary service but RSS is open).

I've already done a bit of work in this area. The way it works so far is like this:

1) Generate a report that contains links for items that you have not yet read.

2) Point Plucker to the report and tell it to follow the links and download the content onto your PDA.

3) You go away and read the content while offline. The PDA records which items you have read.

4) When you come back to your PC, Awasu gets the list of read items and updates each channel, marking the relevant items as read.

Only step (3) is missing. I don't have a PDA, don't have any experience programming the things nor do I have time :-( So what I'm looking for is either someone who can whip up a little app that runs on the PDA and records which URL's you have visited (trivial) or knows of an existing app that we can use. If we can fill in this missing step, we would have a pretty powerful alternative to AvantGo.

Also, if you can think of any other features that you would like to see in Awasu to make it work better with a PDA, I'm very open to suggestions.

Stuart Hunter

RSS on Palm

Post by Stuart Hunter » Tue Sep 30, 2003 4:08 pm

I have just tried this new RSS client for the connected Palm.

I have it on my Tungsten C with 802.11b and it works fine - basic of course, but that is good when you are on the go.


NewsMob for RSS or phpBBToGo for phpBB

Post by Tim » Thu Dec 11, 2003 3:59 am

I have a couple sites for you to look at.

The first is phpBBToGo ( phpBBToGo is a phpBB mod for transforming phpBB forum's (like this forum) content into something easily browsable/readable on a pda.

The other is NewsMob ( NewsMob is a Web-based RSS News Aggregator. NewsMob works with your existing Palm or Pocket PC web browser, sync or live, to provide you access to your favorite RSS Newsfeeds, anytime, anywhere.

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