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How create report by API?

Post by awasu.user » Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:36 pm

Calling API:

http://localhost:2604/reports/create?fo ... &token=xxx

I try create report, but I get

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"errorMsg": "Missing request data." 
In doc is ... portConfig:

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<dataSource type="channelFolders" markItemsAsRead="yes" groupByChannel="yes" includeItems="all" includeSubFolders="no">
    <channelFolder id="..."> ... </channelFolder>
but how pass it by post in URL? I know how make post in python, but I can't how it should be look in URL?
datasource@type=channelFolder&datasource@markitemsread=yes ?

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Re: How create report by API?

Post by support » Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:40 pm

You have to send an HTTP POST request; if you embed the parameters in the URL, it will be sent as an HTTP GET.

For example:

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import urllib.request

data = b"""<channelReport>
    <name> My New Report </name>
    <dataSource type="channelFilter">
        <channelFilterName> All </channelFilterName>

url = "http://localhost:2604/reports/create"
req = urllib.request.urlopen( url , data=data )
print( )

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