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How to get channels out of Awasu using the API?

Post by awasu.user » Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:12 pm

I start play with Awasu API. I'm stucking on simple thing. How return items from feed by API? I try:

http://localhost:2604/channels/get?form ... msMode=all

In some channels working and get something and another I get nothing (only channel name and date). Why?

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Re: How to get channels out of Awasu using the API?

Post by support » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:56 pm

There are a few settings that control what feed items are returned.

If you open a channel's Properties dialog, at the bottom-right of the first tab, you'll see 3 settings:
  • Show feed items
  • Show the last
  • Feed content
They're probably set to "Default", so to check the global default setting, open the Program Options and go to the Display tab.

You've already set Show feed items", which controls whether all, only unread, or only new items will be returned.

"Show the last" is the one you're missing, which controls how far back items will be returned from: a positive number means the number of days (e.g. showFeedItemsWindow=7 means go back 1 week), a negative number means the number of items (e.g. showFeedItemsWindow=-10 means return the last 10 items).

Note that things work the same way in the UI i.e. if your API request returns no feed items, if you open the same channel in Awasu, you won't see any there either.

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