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Date of the Item

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2003 1:41 am
by GB
Is it possible to get the date/time of the item in the Item Pane?

How about on the Summary Page as well?

It's just nice to know when an item came in, especially when you are trying to catch up on items. It is also useful to know that you haven't got any new items in a long time, so that you can check the address of feed, see if it has moved, etc.

This may already be on your to-do list, but I thought I might mention it.

Thanks again.

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2003 2:17 am
by support
Some feeds specify the date and time that each item was added/changed but yes, it would be a good idea if Awasu indicated when each item was *received*.

I'll add it to my ever-expanding to-do list :-)