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Output to Intranet??

Post by DaddyO » Tue Feb 28, 2006 10:01 am


Is it possible to redirect output of a search to an intranet?

I run the awasu professional version and e-mail out relevant search results to collegues. It would be neat to be able to automatically publish these results on the intranet so people can check themselves.

Is this possible?

Many thnaks for taking time to read this.


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Re: Output to Intranet??

Post by support » Tue Feb 28, 2006 10:42 am

Hmm, interesting idea. You can do it although it needs a bit of setting up.

First, create a search channel. This will create a new channel that gets the results of the search once an hour (for example) as a feed.

Then, create a channel report that simply dumps the content of the search channel to a file on the network. Alternatively, Awasu always keeps a copy of the last feed received for every channel in the Logs sub-directory so you could periodically copy this file up to the network. You would proably want to run an XSLT on it first to convert it to HTML or something like that.

BTW, channels can be configured to send emails when new items arrive on a channel so if you're doing this manually right now, you can instead get Awasu to do it for you instead :cool:

Actually, that gives me another idea. Blogging systems can often be set up to accept posts via email so if you get Awasu to email new items to a blog, people can monitor your search results there as well. Definitely cool :-)

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Post by DaddyO » Tue Feb 28, 2006 1:21 pm


Tried the chanel report method and it works a treat! Created seperate chanel filters for each of the feeds then ran a seperate search over each filter to generate the report. As I can map to the intranet server its a very neat solution!

The blogging idea was not possible for us as our intranet is a very simple internal html affair and has nopt special scripts or fancy stuff running on it. But nonetheless may prove usefull for others.

Goes to show theres always more than one way to crack an egg..



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