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Problem clicking on links sent by the email plugin

Post by Guest » Fri Feb 11, 2005 12:13 am

First of all, I am having more fun with Awasu Reader than an ol' grandma can stand! Have downloaded and am "playing" with the free version. (only 5 filter channel options...DRAT! ;) I have looked all over the internet for another reader BUT non of them have the options yours does. I've got weather feeds and news too....and tonight, I reconfigured the email plugin that Allen wrote for Outlook, to monitor my Outlook Express account...(she's patting herself on the back having confirmation that there are a few of the little grey cells still orbiting in there) I will be upgrading the program soon...(as "Grandpa" gets over the shock of the software purchases already this month :)

I just have one little tiny concern. When I review the email in Awasu the link above the message is active. So, being the kind of person I am, I clicked on it. This is what happened. The entry in the address bar looked like this[],%20Fw:%20A%20favor%20to%20ask (a forward from my mother-in-law...she's really good at it...sigh)

The text in the message area said this: "You have reached this web page by typing "", "", or "" into your web browser. These domain names are reserved for use in documentation and are not available for registration. See RFC 2606, Section 3."

The RFC 2606 was blue soooo, I clicked on it and got the message below (I'm sorry, it is quite long) My question, am I doing something wrong? How do I correct it? What does it mean? Will this cause any problems? (I guess that's more than one question.) Maybe I shouldn't be clicking on so many Can you help me? Thanks so much for your time..........................

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Re: Problem clicking on links sent by the email plugin

Post by support » Fri Feb 11, 2005 12:21 am

Glad to hear you're having fun with Awasu and welcome aboard :-)

The link your mother-in-law sent is bogus. The people who set up the World Wide Web reserved some web site names for special purposes e.g., and These are not available for people to use and are intended for use as example web sites in documentation, etc.

The RFC link you clicked on is a copy of the rules that these guys wrote for how web site names should work.

And yes, you should be very careful about clicking on links that receive in emails, even when they're from people you know. More info here.

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Post by abwilson » Fri Feb 11, 2005 2:24 am

Well, this is not really your MIL's fault -- or any strangeness from elsewhere... :oops:

In the original e-mail plug-in I generated and included a link to invoke your e-mail reader when you clicked on an e-mail item title. These links were all identical, but each title was typically different and I was careful to ensure each item had a unique guid. However, once Awasu changed and ceased using each item's guid to determine if it was unique, all e-mail items were the same as far as Awasu was concerned (since they all had the same URL). So if you were displaying only unread items, you would never see any real new mail messages.

Therefore I changed each item's link from the common invoke-my-email-client to an artificial but unique to each item URL. I used because it seemed the best choice.

So, unless Awasu goes back to "believing" guids as marking items unique, we either have to continue with this sort of messy approach or come up with a better way.

Any suggestions?




Post by Guest » Fri Feb 11, 2005 7:11 am

Thanks to both of you for helping me out. I had never seen this before
anywhere and thought maybe I messed up the plugin or somthing.

You are very right, I should not be clicking on mysterious links. I should
know better by now, having had to remove several disagreeable little
pirates from my network. :oops:

Awasu is my favorite new software, by the way, and with my reputation
for opening stuff just to "take a look", I will probably be posting with
more problems. (It's not that I know what I'm doin', it's that I THINK I
know what I'm doin') It only took a couple of minutes to access several
feeds, group them, and start receiving information. (my daughter even
called from work this morning, cuz she knew I had this program, to get
the weather so they would know if they could start painting outside)

-Allen- I opened the plugin exe to"take a look" I see what you
mean. This is WAY over my head.... Is it necessary for the header in
the browser to be an active link to make the message text visible?
I noticed right away that I didn't have to do anything...the text just
"appeared". (pretty cool) If it does have to be active, could it be
made into an anchor tag to call up a new blank email message for
sending? Kinda like an email link on a web site? I don't know if any of
this is even viable. Like I said before...WAY over my head. But, I'm
trying to get a handle on it. The approach is not messy, it is creative!
I am thankful that you took the time to write the plugin! Keep it up!

Thanks again, for all the help................Floie :D

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Post by abwilson » Fri Feb 11, 2005 11:48 pm

I'm glad to hear Awasu is doing very well for you and you have become a news wizard... :)

I'm not exactly sure what feature you want, but in general I believe Awasu is most useful when feeds contain title, link, and description for news items. The e-mail plug-in supplies all three for each e-mail message it finds on the server. It creates the title from sender and subject and "invents" an artificial link so Awasu realizes what items are unique; the body of the e-mail message is the item description.

I wanted the plug-in's actions confined to simple message display only, rather than trying to assume any other mail client functions or features (creating a message, replying, deleting from the server, etc.). I decided just providing a clickable link to invoke the user's preferred client was simplest and best.


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Post by Floie » Sat Feb 12, 2005 12:37 pm

Hello again!
I don't know how much of a "wizard" I have become (see posting title
"Layout" :oops: ) but I am trying. Thanks for the encouragement.

Ahhh...I think I understand now. The link makes the program think that
the item is unique and therefore renders an item description in the form
of the message body content....Am I right? Kinda?

You are right. It is better to keep it simple. After all, that is why I chose
to install the plugin. I needed to see what was gathering in my inbox as
I was doing other things. Especially helpful if I am waiting for a particular

Thanks so much for the explanation! :) .............Floie

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