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Feed update and presentation issues

Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 2:24 pm
by prazim
Hi Taka,
Suddenly, Awasu won't present the new items in my own feed. It is here:

I tried creating a new feed and initially it does present all of the items, but if I update it, it reverts to what the original feed is presenting.

When it does present the items, the entry has the same font weight and color as the heading.

I have checked this in Google RSS and it is presenting correctly.

Thanks, Taka,

Re: Feed update and presentation issues

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 1:16 am
by support
It's not exactly clear what you're doing and what you're expecting to happen but I'm guessing you're modifying one of your existing items and expecting it to be flagged as new in Awasu i.e. get the yellow icon and be shown using a bold font in the item pane? The RSS spec says nothing about what to happen in such a situation so feed readers are free to choose themselves what to do.

Awasu tries to uniquely identify feed items either by GUID or URL (your feed items have both) and if it receives an item with an GUID/URL it has already seen, that item is considered to be a modified version of the old one, not a new one. If you create a brand new feed item (i.e. with a new GUID/URL), it will be correctly flagged as new in Awasu.

Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:45 pm
by prazim
Hi Taka,
Thanks. I think maybe when I deleted a post from last week it created a temporary issue. Awasu is updating normally again. I wasn't sure what had caused the issue and when I saw the odd results after creating a new feed of the same content became concerned. But, all is well again!
many thanks,