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a question about awasu

Post by Guest » Thu Jan 22, 2004 6:23 am


I was löoking into your software, and I would like to clarify something. Because I have never used a news aggregator before, it sounds really useful. But the disadvantage, I believed, was that all the sites I currently read don't necessarily provide content that can be synedicated/aggregated.

After reading this on your website:

<i>Allows information to retrieved from any source using plugins. No longer are you restricted to monitoring content provided to you by third-party RSS feeds. Whether the information you want is on a web page, in a database or provided by a web service, you can write a plugin to retrieve it and transfer it into Awasu.</i>

does that mean I can now aggregate automatically page updates on a website I read that might only be published in the standard way?

Thanks for your support. THis would be great, because otherwise I found I was just waiting for at least some of the sites I like to come on board as RSS feeds (or whatever standard applies at the time).

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Re: a question about awasu

Post by support » Thu Jan 22, 2004 6:36 am

The short answer: yes and no :-)

If a web site does not provide an RSS feed, there are several things you can do. Places like can be given a web page and they generate an RSS feed for you. This works a lot of the time but because it's an automated process, the results can be a bit variable sometimes.

The next level of sophistication is an Awasu plugin that is currently in the works (it's actually done but it just needs a bit of spit and polish before release). It lets you specify which bits of a web page you want to be extracted and put into the feed. So it's still an automated process but configured by a human to ensure the best results.

There is a plugin available now that monitors a web page and lets you know if anything has changed. It doesn't try to extract content from the page or anything like but sometimes all you want to know is that something has changed and you can go to the web site in a browser.

Finally, you can write your own plugin that extracts exactly what you want and generate the feed exactly how you want it. If you have done any programming before, this is a really easy process. You can use whatever language you want and most of the ones I've written weigh in at around 100 lines of code.

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