Awasu Twitter plugin

This plugin lets you monitor Twitter users, search results, and trends as a channel in your Awasu.

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Getting started

Before you can start using this plugin, it needs to be authorized against your Twitter account. This is because Twitter limits how frequently you are allowed to use their service, and connecting the plugin to your account protects you from other people over-using this plugin.

Click here and follow the instructions to authorize the plugin.

Creating a new channel

Additional help is available here.

Monitoring your own timeline

Set the Action parameter to "Me".

Monitoring someone else's timeline

Set the Action parameter to "User", then enter the screen name of the user you want to monitor.

Monitoring search results

Set the Action parameter to "Search", then enter your search query e.g. "@joeblow #awasu".

You can also choose to exclude retweets, and between monitoring the most recent tweets, or the most popular ones.

Monitoring trends

Set the Action parameter to "Trends", then enter the Yahoo! Where On Earth ID you want to monitor.

Here are some places you can look-up this ID:

NOTE: Twitter does not have trend information for every location that has a WOEID, and in these cases, will return a "page does not exist" error.

Since the plugin will only return item titles in this mode, you will get best results if you turn on "Compact presentation" (in the Details tab of the channel's Properties dialog).