Awasu DbSave channel hook

This channel hook lets you save your incoming content in an external database (currently MySQL or SQL Server, Postgres coming soon).

Simply attach the channel hook to the channels you are interested in, and as the new content arrives, it will be transferred to your external database, as well as being archived in Awasu.

Once it's there, you can run reports on it, search it, analyse it for trends or anomalies, whatever you want!

Drop us a line if you're interested in finding out more.

Getting started

Before using this extension, you must set up the database, using the DDL in the sql/ sub-directory.

You will need to make some changes to these files (e.g. to configure passwords), so please read the comments and review the DDL before running it.

Additional help is available here

Attaching the channel hook to channels

A channel hook must be attached to a channel for it to start working:

Whenever new content is received on the channel, a copy of it will now also be stored in your database.

IMPORTANT: The first time you attach this hook, you must also enter your license key in the Global tab.

Awasu Server

If you are running Awasu Server, it is possible to configure this channel hook only once, and it will automatically be attached to every channel: