Awasu 2.4.3.alpha2

IMPORTANT: This is an alpha release (what's this?). Some features may not be complete and there will probably be bugs!

You must be already running 2.4.1, 2.4.2 or 2.4.3.alpha1.

To install:

IMPORTANT: Awasu has been upgraded to use MSXML6, a Microsoft component that Awasu uses for advanced features such as XSL transformations and metadata modules. If you are running on Vista or Windows 7, it will be already installed but if you are on XP or earlier, you will have to install it manually by downloading and running msxml.msi (or msxml_x64.msi) from here.


Changes to the HTTP API

The ability to create and update channels has been added. Full details are here.

The ability to delete channels and reports has also been added via the following entry points:

The $/reports/get entry point has been updated to allow temporary reports to be created and run. If an existing report is not identified via the id or name parameters, a report configuration can be passed in via the POST data that Awasu will use instead to generate the response.

Other minor changes:


IMPORTANT NOTE: There have been some breaking changes to the $/channels/list response:


Report destinations

The template parameters recognized by the report generator have been standardised. The following elements:

all now recognize the following parameters:


Minor changes and bug fixes