Awasu 2.4.3 (beta)

This is a beta release [?]. Some features may not be complete and the software may be unstable. Install at your own risk! You may need to do some basic computer maintenance tasks to get this release to run.



First, backup your existing Awasu installation! [?]

Then choose how you want to install this release:

Upgrade from Awasu 2.4.3.alpha1 or alpha2
Upgrade from Awasu 2.4.2
Upgrade from Awasu 2.4.1
Upgrade from Awasu 2.4
Upgrade from a version of Awasu prior to 2.4
Create a clean installation
Reinstall Awasu 2.4.3


New features in the Awasu API

The API has been extended to allow both channels and reports to be created, updated and deleted:

The Awasu API now offers full CRUD functionality for channels and reports.

The $/reports/get entry point has also been updated to allow temporary reports to be created and run. If an existing report is not identified via the id or name parameters, a report configuration can be passed in via the POST data that Awasu will use instead to generate the response.


Report destinations

The template parameters recognized by reports have been standardized and the following elements:

  • output filename
  • post-processing command
  • FTP upload filename
  • email subject and body
all now recognize the following parameters:
    By default, channel folders are comma-separated, delimited using double-quotes. Use the sepChar argument to specify a different separator, quoteChar to specify a new delimiter e.g. {%CHANNEL-FOLDERS% sepChar=; quoteChar=#} or {%CHANNEL-FOLDERS% quoteChar=[]}
    Use the format argument to control the format of the timestamp (using strftime syntax) e.g. c:\temp\report-{%REPORT-TIME% format="%Y-%m-%d"}.html
  • any user-defined parameters


Search result filtering

Filtering by URL

Search results can now be filtered by URL by including a clause like this in the query:

Due to the nature of the content of some feeds, and the common use of third-party services to deliver feeds, Awasu will also check the feed URL of the channel that items came from, and also the channel's home URL (if the publisher has specified one). So, the clause above will only include items in search results that meet any of the following conditions:

  • the item links to a page at
  • the item came from a channel whose feed URL is at
  • the item came from a channel whose home URL is at

To turn this extra checking off and limit results to only items that link to, include the following clause in the query:


The behaviour of site filters can also be reversed, to show only results not at, like this:

Filtering by folder

Search results can also be filtered by channel folder by including a clause like this in a query:


where ... is either a folder GUID or a regular expression that is used to match folder names. If you don't want to worry about regex's, any substring of the folder name will do e.g.folder:foo will match any folder that has "foo" in its name. If there are spaces in the folder name, it must be quoted e.g.

    folder:"Developing nations"

By default, sub-folders will also be checked, so if you want to disable this and match folders exactly, include the following clause in the query:


As with URL's, folder matching can also be reversed, like this:



Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Upgraded Awasu to use MSXML6.
  • Worked around a problem in IE7 that was stopping it from showing the response to a $/channels/list API request.
  • Reports now remember the URL they were last FTP'ed to.
  • Added an item to the context menu for workpad items to edit their notes.
  • The search web page now includes an "Enable advanced syntax" checkbox.
  • The search web page now handles double quotes in search queries correctly.
  • Fixed a crash when searching for channels using a malformed regular expression.
  • The API token is now included in embedded URL's returned by the search engine.
  • Worked around a problem that was occasionally causing the search index to become corrupted when running on 64-bit systems.
  • Updated the crash handler to recognize Windows 7.
  • Plugin channels and hooks now receive the channel's display name when they are called.
  • If the post-processing command for a report is just {%REPORT-FILENAME%}, it will be opened using the application registered for the file's extension.
  • Updated the Feed Validator URL.
  • User tools now recognize the {%APP-SERVER-URL%} and {%API-TOKEN%} parameters.
  • Added a new "Awasu Search" user tool.
  • JavaScript user tools are now supported (start their command with javascript:).
  • User tools can now be downloaded and installed directly into Awasu.
  • Minor UI changes.