New user tool features in Awasu 2.4.1.alpha3

This page walks through a new user tool that lets you update your status on Twitter.

Download this file and save it somewhere, then load it into your Awasu.

Then click on the Properties button to examine how it has been configured.

The first page lets you control how the user tool's URL will be opened:

For Twitter, you will typically want to not open a window at all, although if you want to see what Twitter is returning to an update request, you can configure it to "Open in Awasu".

You can also enter your Twitter user name and password here.

The Twitter API states that the new status message must be submitted via an HTTP POST request, which can be configured on the second page.

User tools can also now check their results and show a message to the user based on what they find. Awasu will apply a series of regular expressions to the output and if anything matches, show the corresponding message.

The Twitter user tool performs the following checks: