Awasu 2.3.4 (beta)

This is a beta release [?]. Some features may not be complete and the software may be unstable. Install at your own risk! You may need to do some basic computer maintenance tasks to get this release to run.



First, backup your existing Awasu installation! [?]

Then choose how you want to install this release:

Upgrade from Awasu 2.3.4.alpha2 or alpha3
Upgrade from Awasu 2.3.4.alpha1
Upgrade from Awasu 2.3.3
Upgrade from Awasu 2.3.2
Upgrade from Awasu 2.3.1
Upgrade from Awasu 2.3
Upgrade from a version of Awasu prior to 2.3
Create a clean installation
Reinstall Awasu 2.3.4


Channel Reports

Channel reports are one of Awasu's most important features and this release introduces a lot of useful enhancements.

  • Added a selection of new channel report templates.
  • Channel reports can now be created for the channels in a folder (see right).
    Reports are typically created from channels in a folder and this feature means that you no longer have to create a channel filter for the sole purpose of generating a report.
  • Channel reports can now be configured to automatically mark items as read and/or remove them from workpads.
    Being able to automatically mark items as read is useful if you're using a report to aggregate several channels together. And if you're using a workpad as a holding area for items to send elsewhere, automatically removing them when the report is generated and sent means you get a clean slate, ready for the next batch of items.
  • Reports can now be emailed as well as FTP'ed or saved to a file (see left).
  • Workpad reports can now be configured to be re-generated whenever the underlying workpad is changed.
  • Channel reports can now group feed items together by channel (the old behavior) or combine them into a single "River Of News".
    If feed items are being grouped by channel, the channels are now presented in alphabetical order.

    This enhancement introduced a new {%REPEAT% Channels-IfGroupingItems} statement to the report templates which inserts the template code once for each channel if feed items are being grouped by channel, but only once if they are not. The old {%REPEAT% Channels} will still continue to work but you will get odd results if you try to use it when not grouping feed items by channel. Check the new template files to see the new statements in action.



This release also allows feed items and other content to be sent to online services such as and Digg. This functionality has long been available in a limited form via the customizable Tools menu items but has been enhanced to be much more powerful and usable.

You can right-click on an item to send it to the clipboard, your email program, a workpad or any of the available online services.

You can also right-click on a window tab to send that page.

There is also a cool new popup menu that appears after each item in the channel summary pages.

Finally, there are new services in the Tools menu that work with text selected in a web page. Just highlight a word or phrase and use the Tools menu to look it up in Google, or any of the other available services.


Feed services

Awasu now makes it easy to subscribe to feeds from the most popular online services. Just click on the new Services button in the Channel Wizard and provide the necessary information to subscribe.

But even better, this new feature is not just a dumb URL generator. If the online service changes the format of their URL's and breaks your channels, Awasu will automagically try to fix things up and get them going again!


Other new features

  • The Channel Wizard has a new Create now button.
  • The system tray menu has a new item to suspend/resume notification balloons.
  • The Channel Wizard has a new Defaults button that lets new channels automatically have an expiry date set and/or be placed in a specific folder.
  • Channels can now have more than one XSLT attached.
  • Individual feed items can now be manually downloaded for offline reading.
  • New channel reports, filters and workpads can now be created as a copy of an existing one.
  • Channel reports and filters can be quickly created by right-clicking on a folder in the My Channels window.
  • The auto-discovery dialog has a new Preview button.
  • All the channels in a folder can now be deleted in a single operation.
  • Search results can now optionally be shown in a new browser tab.
  • The Expired Channels dialog now has an embedded channel preview pane.


Minor changes and bug fixes

  • The Synchronization|Import from dialog now accepts UNC paths.
  • The Pro Edition can now generate reports once every 5 minutes.
  • The Organize channel favorites menu item is now disabled until all channels have been loaded.
  • Optimized the process of updating the channel summary page when marking items as read/unread.
  • Fixed a crash if Mozilla is configured as the embedded browser but the ActiveX control is not installed.
  • Fixed a problem that was stopping LAUNCH.EXE (used by the awasu: protocol) from working if Awasu was running in another session.
  • Check if the maximum number of user tools will be exceeded before letting the user create a new one.
  • Changed the way Awasu opens up local server ports.
    This means that features like the IE context menu and offline feed items/images will work correctly, even if another copy of Awasu is running in another session.
  • The browser pane URL bar no longer displays awasu:// links.
  • ADMIN.EXE no longer needs to be run from an administrator account and will degrade gracefully if it is not.
  • Awasu now periodically reminds the user to optimize the database.
    Awasu used to do this many moons ago but now uses a less-intrusive balloom that eventually goes away by itself.
  • The SendEmail channel hook now allows the FROM: field to be blank (and will use the SMTP account name).
  • Upgraded the GZIP decompression library to the latest version.
  • Fixed a bug that was stopping new channels from updating correctly after they had been created if they have a SOAP/XSLT attached.
  • Made the IE context menu more responsive even if Awasu is under load.
  • The Check all function in the auto-discovery dialog now updates the feed list with the feed titles.
  • Fixed a problem that was stopping items from being opened correctly from the system tray menu or workpads.
  • Awasu now uses the current save directory and auto-delete interval when downloading/auto-deleting enclosures.
  • Directories are automatically created as necessary when downloading enclosures.
  • Enclosures are no longer deleted when their associated feed items get purged.
  • Fixed a rare problem that could cause new channels to be lost if they have similar feed URL's and are created in rapid succession.
  • {%ITEM-METADATA% description} now recognizes the min/maxExcerptWords= and format= arguments.
    The format= argument can be one of the following: "full", "excerpt", "plain" or "none".
  • Plugin, channel hook and esync parameter definitions now accept a IsRequired setting.
  • Leading/trailing whitespace is now automatically removed from property list parameter values.
  • Awasu now checks for a _PORTABLE file (as well as .PORTABLE) to turn on portable mode.
  • Fixed a rare problem where enclosures could still be downloaded even after their parent item or channel has been deleted.
  • Awasu no longer shows the Channel Packs dialog to new users if Windows is shutting down.
  • Channels imported from an external source now have all their default settings configured correctly.
  • Tweaked what gets shown in the caption bar when opening a web page directly by URL.
  • Leading/trailing whitespace is removed from the clipboard contents when Awasu is checking it for a URL.
  • Fixed a crash if Awasu fails to open an external browser window.
  • Changed the way Awasu shows web page titles.
  • Removed a hack that caused flickering when opening a channel that is configured to download feed items for offline reading.
    The IE bug that this hack worked around is no longer relevant.
  • Fixed a problem that caused Awasu to occasionally stop responding to IE context menu items.
  • HTML tags that have been removed from feed content for being potentially unsafe are now highlighted with a "content removed" icon.
  • Fixed a possible crash when adding new items to the search index.
  • Standardized the operation of the Organize Channel Favorites/Channel Filters/Channel Reports/Workpads dialogs.
    Changes are now deferred until OK is pressed (i.e. they are no longer applied immediately). This also means that changes can be cancelled.
  • Clicking on a search result's icon opens the item within the channel's summary page (if possible) rather than opening the link directly.
    This is how Awasu used to work but this behaviour was broken by an optimization in 2.3.2.
  • Ensured that output from an external script (e.g. plugin channel, channel hook, etc.) is interpreted as UTF-8.
  • Improved the way quoted file paths are saved in config files.
  • Fixed a problem that was stopping channels from being assigned to their folders correctly if they were being created during a sync load.
  • Strip the feed:// protocol when showing any auto-discovered feed URL's.
  • Changed the way the length of MDI tab captions are limited.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the My Channels folder from being renamed if there are no other folders defined.
  • Channel reports can now have a description set for them which will be inserted in the generated output.
  • Channel reports now recognize the {%REPORT-NAME%} and {%REPORT-DESCRIPTION%} parameters.