Awasu 2.3.3.alpha1

IMPORTANT: This is an alpha release (what's this?). Some features may not be complete and there will probably be bugs!

You must be already running 2.3.2.

To install:


River Of News

Awasu now has the ability to show feed content as a river of news (i.e. multiple feed items on a single page) or only one item at a time.

River Of News is how Awasu has always worked in the past but one-item-at-a-time is common with other feed readers (that are trying to emulate email programs). I find it a much slower way of getting through my feeds but people have been asking for it, so here it is.

If you turn River Of News off, Awasu will automatically mark items as read as you move through them (pressing SPACE will do this) so you may want to try configuring your channels to only show unread content.

Opening channels at startup

Awasu can now be configured to automatically open channels when it starts up.

Choose one or more folders in the Program Options dialog and Awasu will automatically open all the channels contained in them each time it starts.


Minor changes and bug fixes