Awasu 2.2.5.alpha2

IMPORTANT: This is an alpha release (what's this?). Some features may not be complete and there will probably be bugs!

You must be already running 2.2.4 or 2.2.5.alpha1.

To install:


Where your data files are stored

This release changes where your data files are stored, bringing Awasu into line with Microsoft-recommended practices. If you are already using Awasu, it will continue to use your existing data files (so you don't need to do anything and won't be affected by this change) but any new users will have their data files placed in the new locations.


Enhanced password security

Awasu now stores your passwords in the config files in a more secure manner. This means that you will need to re-enter your license key and any passwords that you may be using e.g. for feeds that need authentication, FTP server passwords for sync files, passwords for Bloglines/Google Reader/Gregarious if you are synchronizing with them, mail server passwords if you are using the SendEmail channel hook, etc.


Minor changes and bug fixes