Exporting to OPML

Exporting channels to an OPML file is now done by a built-in feature rather than using Awasu's reporting framework.

  • Choose the File|Synchronization|Export to... menu option and specify that you want to export to OPML.

  • Then choose which channels you want to export and click on the Export button.

    Awasu lets you create special types of channels (e.g. plugin channels, search channels, etc.) that other feed readers do not support. These channels are not included by default, although you can override this if you really want to.


Importing from OPML

The OPML import feature has been completely rewritten and now handles folders as well as adding several new features. Importing channels from an OPML file is done in two stages.

  • Choose the File|Synchronization|Import from... menu option and specify that you want to import from OPML.

  • Enter the file path or URL of the OPML file you want to import from and click OK.

  • Awasu will show you the channels and folders in the OPML file. Choose which ones you want to import and click on the Import button.

  • You can choose to "quick-subscribe" to channels if you want to create new channels with the default settings. Otherwise the Channel Wizard will be shown for each new channel that needs to be created.

  • Other options can be set by clicking on the options button in the bottom-right corner