Awasu 2.2.4.alpha1

IMPORTANT: This is an alpha release (what's this?). Some features are not complete and you will find bugs!

You must be already running 2.2.3.

To install:


Import from OPML

The OPML import feature has been completely rewritten. It now handles folders as well as adding a lot of new functionality.

To import channels from an OPML file, choose File|Synchronization|Import from.

Enter the file path or URL of the OPML file and click OK.

Awasu will parse the OPML file and show you the channels it contains.

Choose which channels you want to subscribe to and either click on Subscribe to start the Channel Wizard for each one, or Quick subscribe to quickly create subscriptions for each one using the default settings.

Click on the options button beneath the list of channels to see the options available.

Export to OPML

Exporting your channels to OPML was previously done via Awasu's reporting feature. This is no longer necessary since Awasu now has a built-in export feature.

Choose File|Synchronization|Export to and choose which channels you want to export.

Note that Awasu lets you create special types of channels (e.g. plugin channels, search channels, etc.) that other feed readers do not support. These channels are not included by default, although you can override this if you really want to.

Click on the options button beneath the list of channels to see the options available.

Enhanced IE security

This is stage 1 of hardening Awasu against malicious content. If you have Windows XP SP2, turn this feature on from the Display tab of the Program Options dialog. It enables all the (non-IE7) security features described here, in particular, the popup blocker and the yellow IE security bar that shows at the top of the browser window when a page tries to show blocked content.

Awasu can be configured to enable only some of the listed features (or even enable new ones) so if you need to fine-tune this feature, please post in the forums for the necessary incantations.


Other changes and bug fixes