Awasu Personal Edition v2.1.2 (beta)

This is a beta release (what's this?). Some features may not be complete and the software may be unstable. Install at your own risk! You may need to do some basic computer maintenance tasks to get this release to run.



  • You must already be running 2.1 or 2.1.1. As always, exit Awasu and back up your installation first!

    If you are currently running 2.1.1.alpha1 or 2.1.1.alpha2, please read these additional release notes first.

  • Unpack one of following zip files on top of your existing files:
    Personal Edition: NT/2K/XP 98/Me
    Advanced Edition: NT/2K/XP 98/Me
    Professional Edition: NT/2K/XP 98/Me

  • If you are running Windows NT, 2000 or XP you must also unpack this zip in your Awasu installation directory. If you are running one of the 2.1.2 alphas and have already done this, you don't need to do it again.

  • Run ArchiveMaintenance.exe (in the Awasu installation directory) to upgrade your database.


New features

The main new feature in this release is multiple (Advanced/Pro Editions only) workpads. There is a new menu item (View|Workpads) that lets you create and manage workpads, assign hotkeys, etc. in the usual way.

Workpad items can be dragged and dropped around and can also be edited (right-click on them for a context menu), letting you attach your own notes to them that can subsequently be included in reports.

The new parameters that can be used in channel report templates are:

  • {%ITEM-NOTES%}
There are new keyboard shortcuts for adding entries to a workpad:
  • Ctrl-W: add the currently selected item to the default workpad.
  • Ctrl-Shift-W: add the URL in the clipboard to the default workpad.

Since it is now possible to have more than one workpad, these shortcuts always work on the default workpad, that is, the first one defined in the Organize Workpads dialog.

Workpads can be docked or floated as per normal but there is also an additional neat feature where they can be "glued" together to form a single window with multiple tabs.


More new features

Other new features are:

  • Updates to the search index can now be deferred to times when you are not using Awasu e.g. overnight. This can be configured in the Search tab of the Program Options.

    Keeping the search index up-to-date as new content arrives can sometimes slow Awasu down, especially as it starts to get large, so deferring the process to off-peak times can make Awasu run quite a bit faster when you are actually using it. Of course, if you enable this feature, any new items that are received will not be returned as search results until they have been added to the search index but if you don't mind search results being slightly behind what's actually been received, it's well worth turning this option on.

    NOTE: If you had previously set DisableSearchIndexUpdates=1 in your DEBUG.INI file to disable search index updates, you should take it out since this switch is no longer recognized.

  • The user is now notified if channels are having their feed URL's automatically changed because of HTTP 301 redirects and gives the option of reverting them back to the original URL's. Information on why this is an issue can be found here.

  • The mouse scroll wheel now scrolls whatever window the mouse is currently over. This turns out to be an amazingly handy change and so if you want to extend this feature to all windows on your PC, not just Awasu ones, then create a DEBUG.INI file in your user's home directory that looks like this:
  • There is a new visual style "Whidbey". This can be set in the Display tab of the Program Options dialog.

  • Added "smart docking" for Awasu windows. This is controlled from the Display tab of the Program Options dialog and shows markers to help dock windows when they are being dragged.


Minor features and bug fixes

  • The file IeAddToReadMe.template is now IeAddToWorkpad.template. If you want to create a link to add a URL to Awasu's default workpad, the format is now For backwards compatibility, the old format ( is still supported.
  • The Apply button was removed from the Organize Channel Filters (since it's no longer needed now we have a toolbar in the My Channels window).
  • Fixed a crash at startup if an application plugin fails to load.
  • Fixed a crash if the system tray icon is clicked too quickly after starting Awasu.
  • All the search text is automatically selected when clicking in the search toolbar.
  • Don't flag an error if running Awasu from a limited user account because the feed:// protocol couldn't be configured (even if it is disabled).
  • Changed the text in the nag balloon shown at startup in the Personal Edition.
  • Set focus to the browser pane (instead of the item pane) when a channel window is opened.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented channels being created if they were being configured to be excluded from the search index.
  • Fixed a problem when clicking on the bottom-most checkbox visible in a list that caused the wrong item to be checked.
  • New channel reports now default to showing feed item excerpts.
  • URL's can be dragged into My Channels to start the Channel Wizard.
  • Fixed some incorrect keyboard handling if a popup menu is showing.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing some channels to be incorrectly hidden in My Channels for certain channel filters.
  • Awasu now lets you know if a newer version is available. This can be configured in the General tab of the Program Options.
  • Don't show the window minimization animation if Awasu is configured to start minimized.
  • Always record to the Error Log if an error notification balloon is shown.
  • Clicking on a channel in My Channels now opens that channel even if another application was active at the time of the click.
  • Upgraded to a new version of the GUI toolkit.
  • Upgraded to a new version of the archive database engine.