Awasu 2.0.4.alpha3

IMPORTANT: This is an alpha release. Some features are not complete and you will find bugs!

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Release notes - enclosures

The big addition in this release is support for enclosures. It has been done in a very generic way and allows files to be downloaded for Atom feeds as well as RSS feeds.

Feed items can now have related links, that is, URL's (or files) that have been associated with the item. For RSS, these are enclosures (via the <ENCLOSURE> tag) but Atom feeds can also have related links (via the <LINK> tag). Awasu can now be configured to automatically download these related files (typically MP3's or MPEG's) when they are found.

The first thing to look at is the global settings in the Program Options.

There is a master switch that enables or disables all automatic downloading of related files. You can control where the files get saved (default is in the Downloads sub-directory of your user's home directory), what file types can be downloaded and when. You can also control how long you want to keep the files e.g. you might want to automatically delete them after 15 days.

Most of these settings can also be configured on a per-channel basis.

NOTE: This feature is available in the Advanced Edition only.

Finally, the channel summary pages look a little different if feed items have any related links. If the related files have already been auto-downloaded, they will be shown with a small icon and you can click on the link to play them directly from your hard disk. If a feed item has related links that have not yet been downloaded, you will see them with just a normal link to the file on the Internet.

If you have written your own custom templates, you will need to update them for this new feature.

Release notes - other stuff