Awasu 2.0.1.alpha3

IMPORTANT: This is an alpha release. Some features are not complete and you will find bugs!

If you have not done so already, please read the release notes for alpha2. Some things in this document may not make sense otherwise.


If you have already installed alpha2, do not install this release on top of it. It won't work. Instead, go back to your saved 2.0 installation (you did save it, right...?) and install on top of that.

If you haven't installed alpha2, save your 2.0 installation (for the same reasons listed in the alpha2 release notes) and unpack the alpha3 zip on top of your existing installation.

Here's the release:


The biggest problem I had was keeping track of which items are new/unread and how many. In hindsight, this is perhaps not that surprising - Awasu now has so many options to control what exactly gets shown for each channel (e.g. only unread items from the last 10 days or new items only) that figuring these details out (at a reasonable speed) is a very complicated process.

It would be appreciated if you turn on the unread item counts in My Channels (Display tab in the Program Options) and keep an eye on the values to make sure they are correct. Especially if you have a slower machine - I definitely want to see how it performs on older boxen.

It would also be good to set the default length of time to archive content for (Search tab in the Program Options) to something really small, to test the purging of old content. For example, I have this set to 3 days and by default, show content from the last 2 days (Display tab of the Program Options). Awasu is smart enough to recognize that items that were purged should not be flagged as new the next time the channel is updated but there might be a bug in there that I haven't been able to nail down yet so keep an eye out for it.

All components in the release zip should now work properly. Barring any bug fixes, this completes all the archiving-related changes for the next beta. There will be one or two alphas after this one but they will introduce other non-archiving features.

Release notes