Using Awasu with a PDA

If you are currently using a service such as AvantGo or Plucker to read news on your PDA, you may find that Awasu provides a much more powerful alternative.

Awasu now has the ability to generate a report of all unread items across all of your channels (choose the View, Channel report menu option). You can then give this report file to a program such as Plucker which will download those items and transfer them to your PDA for reading later.

By default, the report is generated using a template file called DefaultChannelReport.template, located in your user directory. The report will be saved in Reports/GlobalChannelReport.html.

It is possible to get Awasu to automatically generate the report file at regular intervals so that whenever you want to transfer items to your PDA, you won't even have to manually generate the report since it will be up-to-date already. To enable this, exit Awasu and make sure that it has finished. Open your user's CONFIG.INI file in Notepad and change the GlobalChannelReportAutoUpdateInterval parameter to how frequently you want the report to be regenerated, in seconds e.g. 600 means every ten minutes. Since this report file can get quite large (mine is 500Mb) and take some time to create, setting this value very low can degrade the performance of Awasu since it will be spending most of its time regenerating the report!

After you have read some of those feed items on your PDA, you will want to let Awasu know about them so that it can update its own database of what you have read. This feature is currently under development and will be announced shortly via the Awasu News RSS feed.

Thanks to Greg Boesel for suggesting these features.